I know, another blog. BUT AN IMPORTANT ONE :)

Photoshop self-ish

In order to build up a better overview of my work, I decided to create a new blog which would be more like a professional blog or portfolio of my current animations and co. 

Have a look, and pass it around professional hands ;)

Moreover I wish you all a happy new year/


Submissions to the Roberto Challenge

It consists in a daily drawing challenge in which after getting a theme, we have 30 minutes to paint an illustration on Photoshop. Very useful to get better at creating thumbnails, understanding values and color palettes, and a nice way to understand painting.

"How to train your monster" 

"A safe passage"

"The Hunt"

The Graduate (Trailer project) - Character Design Process of Mrs. Robinson (thaï btw.)

1/ poses and silhuettes which fit the best Mrs. Robinson

2/ development of the most appropriated silhuette 

3/ defining the face

4/ fashion design

5/ final design



I just came back from Nepal and well, I see things differently.

Here I am, back from my month in Kathmandu. I'll write longer about it soon but in a nutshell, that was one of the most inspiring trip I ever did. I came back totally boosted and motivated for the future + I'm glad to present you here the paintings I did for the International Buddhist Academy. :)

The life of Buddha
The Three Precious Jewels
Ngor Monastery in Tibet