TV PAINT - suite

Here is our final assignment of the year at the Animation Workshop. We worked on TV Paint again with a frog and a fly as characters. We had 6 sec to make them interact ;).



2012 is almost finished and for this last week before going back home (hellyeah) we have been introduced to this very cool program TV Paint! Thanks to our new teacher Rune Ryberg ( AWESOME ARTWORK THERE !) getting used to it was not such a big deal. Here is the result of 2 days of work : a little flying cycle starring "the owl" in Sleeping Beauty.


explanations soonish*


Selfportrait for the classgroup photo*

Intro to Photoshop

In order to get to know better our dear Photoshop, we got to do a monster illustration using a background, a good composition, textures, colors... The 2 first drawings were my roughs and the last one is what I came up with as a final picture. Still some work to achieve but this assignment helped to become comfortable with Photoshop.