Animation Basics

3 weeks ago we had two intensive weeks about animation basics. We learnt the basis of it and had different assignments to practice. We went through different basic principles such as the bouncing ball, the seaweed, the headturn... and we also got used to anticipate movement thanks to the exercice of TV-croquis which consists of sketching from an animation or a movie. Here are some TV-croquis, and two of our main assigments : the attitude ball with a tail and the flour sack. For this last one, we had to follow an imposed storyboard and the flour sack but we were free concerning the acting. Even if my final animation struggles a lot yet, I am very happy to have been able to surpass myself and to finally tell a story in motion :)

Have a look at our weekly teachers' blogs : Jody Ghani and Laura B. Schjødt 

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