Aisling / Mickey

Week 45 - week 46

After we worked on planning our last animation starring Mickey Mouse casting a spell, our next task was to in-between our scene. To achieve this, our teacher Rebecca Bang Sørensen gave us the key-poses of a scene from the movie "The Secret of Kells" which we had to in-between in order to train ourselves before focusing on Mickey's scene. 

Back to Mickey with this new dimension of drawing these very clean in-between frames I realized how important touched-up key-drawings are in the view of the character design and of a good reading of the movement. I noticed a lot of incoherences in my animation but the aim was for me to understand what were my mistakes. So, more than filling the blanks I let between my key-poses, I spent most of the week to clean these keys in order to check and keep the feeling of a fluent action. I will not say I succeeded entirely but I am very happy to have been able to keep the design of Mickey while making him move how I wanted. I think I reached some of the fluidity I expected in his actions but I know I have still a lot to do. Animation is a long process and the more I travel inside of it, the clearer I see its keys.

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