Dance Animation with Mike Nguyen

Lately at the Animation Workshop, I have been taught by a grand man : Mike Nguyen. Mike was, among others, lead animator for the famous movie The Iron Giant. He also achieves lots of wonderful work as an animator in the industry since he graduated from CalARTS. I never had a teacher has good as him and not only thanks to his exciting career. Mike breaths happiness and his words carry harmony, emotions, life, peace, quietness... All of these reminders made me much closer to my true self. He taught me how to follow my emotions in my animation and across this new approach I reached another level of expression I've never attained before. Here is the dance animation I came with during the last week with Mike. It is still rough but I am extremely happy about the result. Something organic, almost real to my eyes, appeared to me. I was very productive during this last week so I post here some pages from my sketchbook.

Thank you Mike*

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