Mister Stan

Two weeks ago at the Animation Workshop, we had the chance to collaborate with 4 directors/students from the french school La Poudrière. They needed our help to do animation tests for their projects which consisted in adapting children books into TV series. I worked under Jeremie's direction with my four classmates Ben, Sofia, Will and Agnete. 

For this animation above I worked with Agnete. I animated, cleant up and colored the dog, Mister Stan, while Agnete did the great animation of the neighbor. It was a real challenge to work with limited animation but also to apply the style of the book to animation. Moreover it was the first time we were working on a project we did not come up with so again, a nice challenge for adaptation. 

Thanks to La Poudrière's students for this great collaboration*

Charlotte, Jérémie, Clémence & Alix

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