New challenges

Hello my dear friends!

So the first year in Character Animation at The Animation Workshop ended and I had AN AWESOME TIME. I am so glad that I finally learnt to animate, I met so many grand and inspiring persons and now I feel more than motivated to improve my skills and handle some new projects. I already have some ideas for the next months: since the 2nd year will be mainly focused on learning 3D-animation with Maya, I give myself the task to do one 2D-animation per day. I will also push myself to learn Maya properly and model more characters with the software. I will try to handle a better life-drawing sketchbook and experiment more with color and texture...

BUT the most upcoming project for me will be taking place in Kathmandu from the 28th of June until the 28th of July: I have been asked to come to the International Buddhist Academy by my cousin Christian to paint different pictures representing buddhist philosophy and history, nepalese or tibetan landscapes, symbols... I am packing my things before flying to Nepal in less than 2 days: you can not imagine how excited I am... I will share my adventure soon.

Tip tip tip : Stay aware and opened to anything around you because inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

I wish everyone a great summer  :)

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  1. Népal, tu vas halluciner !
    Bon voyage et bons dessins, super aventure !